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Batya (Zachter) Zidele


Batya (Zachter) Zidele, the founder of Girls’ Talent Tour, grew up in Los Angeles, California and is one of six siblings. She moved to New York to complete her degree, and took the opportunity get into her dream job of event planning. As an actress, Batya has been pulled towards the stage, and has played many different roles over the years. She has such a passion not only for performing arts, but for the immense positive effect it can have on a person. Growing up in Los Angeles, Batya had a difficult time showing her personality. When the school show came around, Batya was able to express herself and let herself go on stage with her comedic roles. It gave her the confidence she never knew she had inside of her. Creating a place where talented women and girls can show their true selves and shine, is a moment Batya feels is so crucial and deserved. Having the ability to be involved in or attend such a professional talent competition, is helping Batya bring other people the happiness that changed her life.  Batya loves to express herself through being part of a performance and film, but realized that it was time for her to take this passion to a new level. Seeing the incredible talent which many women and girls in the Frum community were gifted with, Batya realized that there was not enough of a platform for showcasing talent.


After her first show, Batya decided to go on tour, bringing amazing talent to various communities.   She uses her events to fundraise for various Chessed organizations, bringing meaning to each event. Batya has been the inspiration for women and girls all over to follow their dreams and express themselves, bringing more confidence and happiness to many lives. Batya also loves to organize events for teens. She has lead and organized night camps, Tisha Beav programs, aerobics classes, and has created music videos for friends, families, schools, and Bat Mitzvas, to help people bond in a creative way.

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